Tummy tuck - Abdominoplasty Tunisia

The abdominoplasty, or The abdominal plastic surgery or dermo-lipectomie is an intervention which consists in removing the excess of skin and fat, in scientific terms: excise the cutaneo excess greasy, called also " pendulum ", being at the level of the region under umbilical.

abominoplasty Tunisia

Principle of abdominoplasty Tunisia

The relaxation of the skin arises after a childbirth or after an important loss of weight, the excess of fat is in touch with an obesity, in this last case, a liposuction is often associated at the same time operating to reduce the volume of the fat and to facilitate also the abdominal face-lift by avoiding the big unstickings.

Here are 2 photos illustrating each of both indications of the abdominal plastic surgery in Tunisia:

Abdominoplasty Tunisia

THE intervention

It is practised under general anesthesia or, it restores in the stomach its tonic effect with a skin tightened at the price of a low horizontal scar, hidden by the pair of underpants.

The liposuction when it is associated with the abdominal plastic surgery is going to glorify the result by inhaling the fat located at the level of the region known umbilical and of the size.

The navel is often transposed or redoes in a very esthetic way.

The results are spectacular, the final scar is fine, very discreet and situated low.

In case of weakness of the abdominal muscles, a movement of plicature of these muscles is practised to re-tauten the abdominal muscle structure.

When the cutaneous excess is not very important with an implanted high navel, it is possible to practise an abdominal mini-plastic surgery.

abominoplasty - Tummy tuck case
Abdominoplasty case 1
abominoplasty - Tummy tuck case
Abdominoplasty case 1
abominoplasty - Tummy tuck case
Abdominoplasty case 2
abominoplasty - Tummy tuck case
Abdominoplasty case 2


  • A hospitalization of 48 hours and a work stoppage of 2 weeks are usually necessary.
  • A flow and a lymphorrhée can persist during the first 2 weeks.
  • Bandages are to be made every 3 days until healing.
  • The bearing of a hanging abdominal belt 2 in 3 weeks is desirable, especially in case of cure of the diastasis.