Facial lipofilling Tunisia

With age, the skin is loosened, the muscles of the face too, the fat that gave the curves to the face and cheekbones background and finally the skeleton itself atrophies, all this is responsible for a net decrease the volume of the face.

facial Lipofilling in Tunisia, or autologous fat transfer in the face is part of techniques improving the overall appearance and giving back a youth.

facial Lipofilling in Tunisia

Often associated with the cervico facial facelift, the facial lipofilling comes to nicer the final result.

The sites of injection are multiple: cheekbones, lower eyelids and superiors, cheeks, lips, orbital edges, the forehead, furrows naso geniens and temples.

  • Lipofilling of lower eyelids, tear trough and dark circles
  • Lipofilling of forehead
  • Lipofilling of nasolabial folds
  • Cheekbone lipofilling
Warning ! This video may shock you
do not look at it if you are not a doctor or nurse !