Breast lift Tunisia - mastopexy

The breast lift, or breast uplift, or mastopexy in tunisia is a surgical operation practised in case of ptôse mammary, collectively called " fall of breasts ".

The expression used by the patients is often the following one: " I have the breasts which fall ".

breast lift Tunisia
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  • Breast lift without implants
  • Breast lift + implants, vertical scar
  • Lifting sein + implants, round block scar

After the mammary ptose, the distance between the base of the neck and the nipple, which normally is between 15 and 18 cms, lengthens and can reach 40 cms.

breast Uplift Tunisia

This mammary ptôse is secondary in a feeding or in an important loss of weight. The mammary gland hypotrophie, the skin loosens, breasts fall.

The ptose is classified in 4 types, the classification of Professor CHAVOIN is the most adopted :

  • Type 1 : pseudo ptôse has a moderate cast iron and a progress of the gland in the segment 3.
  • Type 2 : outstrip collarbone areola lower than 17 cms and diameter areolaire excessif
  • Type 3 : important ptose, outstrips collarbone areola superior to 17 cm
  • Type 4 : collarbone areola superior to 17 cms and a progress of the segment 3 upper to 8 cms ptose very important with a distance.


This chapter of the plastic surgery of the breast is one of the most difficult and of the most fascinating, indeed, in most of the cases, the patient asks only for a breast enlargement.

However, it would be a bad indication, indeed the breast will be weighed down by the prosthesis and will fall even more! The result of the only breast enlargement, in case of ptose, is bad.

It will be necessary to explain to the patient that if its breasts fall, it is because there is an excess of skin and because this excess can be handled only by a breast lift in tunisia to to raise breasts.

The volume to give to the breast, we have two scenarios :

  • 1/ The breast is empty, the gland is hypotrophic, it will be necessary to associate with the breast Uplift an artificial breast.
  • 2/ The volume of the gland is considered satisfactory, a single breast lift can be proposed to the patient, all the gland will be concentrated in a new smaller cutaneous case, the breast will have gone back up well and will become again firm.
Roundblock breast lift TunisiaFig.1 : Round block
Roundblock breast lift TunisiaFig.2 : Verticale

THE intervention of breast lift in Tunisia

Consist in making " go raise breasts " and to re-concentrate the breast in its cutaneous case at the price of a breast lift.

LBreasts become again firm and gone back to the price of a scar which may be, either around the areola (block round face (figure) 1), or all around and below the areola: it is the vertical technique (figure 2).


The surgical operation takes place under general anesthesia, in seated semi position. The resection concerns only the skin, the mammary gland is not concerned.


The putting of an artificial breast can turn out to be necessary in the cases of mammary hypotrophie, in this case it will be a question of restoring a volume by the putting of a prosthesis and a lifter the breast at the same time.

According to the habits of every surgeon, the prosthesis is placed before or after the breast lift in muscular retro.

Here is the succession of the various operating movements which I propose in photos :

  • 1- Drawing and vertical section in the segment 3
  • 2- Dissection of a retro-muscular
  • 3- Intrododuction of the prosthesis under muscles
  • 4- Desepidermisation – Areolaire
  • 5- Desepidermisation of the cutaneous resection of the segment 3
  • 6- Sutures and result of a breast lift with implant by the vertical technique


In all the types of breast lift a scar ransom exists, this scar will become fine and discreet and will become blurred almost completely at the end of a few months.

The choice of the technique and thus the scar must be reflected well, the circular scar around the areola is certainly interesting and less visible than the vertical scar, however this technique called ROUNDBLOCK, can be used only for girl ptoses, indeed, in the cases of ptose more important, this technique gives an aspect of " crushed and flat breast ".

I think very sincerely, that the shape of the breast has to dominate, and that it will be necessary to indicate a vertical line more easily.

In the cases of ptose very important, do not hesitate to propose a scar T inverted.


The breast lift of breasts in Tunisia with or without prosthesis is a surgery which requires 24 to 48 Hours of hospitalization, the used threads are absorbable, consequences operating are usually simple, it will be necessary to plan the bearing of a bra during 1 month.

When the breast lift is associated with the putting of mammary implants, consequences are a little ache, these pains are in touch with the dissection of the muscular retro in which will be placed the prosthesis. Consequences are the ones of a breast enlargement.


Are rare: bruises, infection, extension of the scar. The distant complications are in touch with a hull prothetic if a prosthesis was associated with the breast lift.

The second offense of the ptose after breast lift is possible, it is in touch with the evolution of the very breast on one hand and with the operating technique chosen on the other hand.