Eyelid surgery - Blepharoplasty Tunisia

The blepharoplasty is a surgery to restore the youth and the brightness of the look by decreasing the excesses of fat and skin; indeed, the falling eyebrows, the cutaneous folds of the superior eyelid and the bags under the eyes give a permanent impression of fatigue even of sadness.

Eyelid surgery - Blepharoplasty Tunisia

The lower lipoptose palpebrale without cutaneo-muscular infringement is the ideal indication of the use of the way conjonctivale to realize the lower blepharoplasty. The conjonctivale section is made in 2 mm under the lower edge of the tarsus and the way at first is retro septale. Any stitches conjonctivale is necessary. The lower blepharoplasty by conjonctivale way improves the post-operative comfort of the operated and decreases the risks of complications to type of shrinkage of the lower eyelid.


Eyelid surgery TunisiaStar's Eye
blepharoplasty TunisiaThe Eye of cocker
blepharoplasty TunisiyThe spherical Eye
Eyelid surgery TunisiaThe hollow Eye


Eyelid surgery TunisiaBy relaxation
blepharoplasty TunisiaBy shrinkage
blepharoplasty TunisiaBy digging


The operation takes place under local anesthetic for the superior eyelids and rather under general anesthesia for the lower eyelids. The average duration of the intervention is between half an hour and one hour.

The association blépharoplasty and cervico-facial face-lift is classic and frequent in the indications of facial renovation.

This intervention can be combined with the injection of BOTOX and/or with the filling in the hyaluronique acid or the lipofilling.

Consequences are usually simple, bruises can be at the origin of a social eviction hanging 3 in 4 days. Besides It is recommended to wear sunglasses during two weeks protecting from the sun and from the wind, it will also be necessary to avoid reading and watching TV too long the first days after the intervention.

Scars on the superior eyelids become almost non-existent at the end of six weeks and base themselves in the natural fold of the eye.

For the lower eyelids, there are no scars because the intervention takes place by endo conjonctival way.

blepharoplasty Tunisia
Eyelid surgery Tunisia
blepharoplasty Tunisia
Eyelid surgery Tunisia