Neck lift, Neck liposuction Tunisia

We call pendulum the excessive cutaneous of the region of the neck, this skin which hangs, can also contain an excess of fat, the surgery of neck lift or neck liposuction in Tunisia is thus intended for the people whose skin of the neck aged and loosened.

We can so intervene on a greasy surplus by realizing a liposuction of the neck in Tunisia, simple gesture realized most of the time under local anesthetic.

Neck liposuction tunisia

The facelift is also an intervention of plastic surgery in Tunisia, which aims at re-tautening the skin of the neck to make it smoother and firmer. It is generally associated with a cervical facelift.

THE intervention


A consultation with your surgeon and your doctor anaesthetist is planned the day before your intervention.

At the private hospital and settled in your room we shall proceed to a shower with betadine.


The cervical face-lift is realized most of the time under general anesthesia, a local anesthetic assisted the need (neurolept anesthetize) can be envisaged.


It is the cutaneous section which remains invisible because it is later posterior hidden by the ear and in need in the hair of the nape of the neck, the cutaneous unsticking allows to lift the skin in excess, a liposuction is associated if a heap of fat exists in the cervical region.


The duration of the intervention of liposuction of the neck in Tunisia is of approximately one hour.


1 to 2 nights are necessary in private hospital.

neck lift Tunisianeck lift : cas 1
neck Liposuction Tunisianeck lift : cas 1
neck lift Tunisianeck lift : cas 2
neck Liposuction Tunisianeck lift : cas 2