Buttock augmentation fat transfer Tunisia

The fat transfert to buttock procedure in Tunisia or reinjection of autologous fat, is a surgical technique of filling with fat. It makes it possible to give volume to the dug or flattened areas of the buttock.

The purpose of the intervention is to reinject the patient's fat to fill natural or post-traumatic troughs. It is therefore a self-graft of fat cells by reinjection of the fat taken from the patient himself.

Lipofilling fesses Tunisie



A pre-operative check-up is carried out according to the prescriptions. The anesthesiologist doctor will be seen in consultation at the latest 48 hours before the intervention. No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure. A compressive garment is possibly prescribed at the fat sampling area. Strictly stop smoking 2 months before lipofilling, to reduce the risk of cutaneous necrosis.


The fatty tissue is removed with a very fine suction cannula. A micro-incision is made in the natural folds in a discrete region where there was a reserve, or even an excess of fatty tissue.

Before performing the reinjection of the removed fat, the fat is centrifuged a few minutes. This separates intact fat cells, which will be grafted, from elements that are not graftable.

The reinjection of the fatty tissue is made from incisions of 1 mm using micro-cannulas. In this way, microparticles of fat are injected in different planes and in multiple and divergent directions, in order to increase the contact area between the implanted cells and the recipient tissues, which will ensure the survival of the grafted adipose cells.

As long as it is a true transplantation of living cells, and provided that the technique is good and effective engraftment, the cells thus transplanted will remain alive in the body, which makes of the technique of lipostructure a definitive technique since the adipose cells thus grafted will live as long as the tissues that are around them.

The duration of the intervention depends on the amount of fat to be reinjected and the number of locations to be treated. It can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours in case of isolated lipostructure.


Following a buttock augmentation with fat transfer procedure in Tunisia, hospitalization lasts 24 hours. The exit is possible the same day. The threads are removed 5-7 days after the procedure.

The off-work period is 2 to 8 days. The period of stopping sports activities is 2 months.

You should know that a second session of lipofilling at 6 months - 1 year is still possible.

Example of fat transfer to buttock in Tunisia

Buttock fat transfer TunisiaButtock fat transfer : case 1
Buttock fat transfer TunisiaButtock fat transfer : cas 1