Buttock augmentation Tunisia, buttock enhancement

This intervention of buttock augmentation or buttock enhancement in tunisia is realized in front of an aspect of " flat buttocks ".

Buttock augmentation Tunisia

The increase of the volume of buttocks is possible thanks to 2 techniques :


This technique is practised under general anesthesia, the implant is introduced by a scar sitting in the inter-gluteal fold in the thickness of the gluteal big muscle (see photos).

Buttock enhandement Tunisia
Gluteal implant video
Warning ! This video may shock you
do not look at it if you are not a doctor or nurse !

The result is immediate, consequences a little ache but the patients are usually very satisfied with the result.

The risks are the infection and the bleeding comment operating, these risks are very well checked and rare.

Buttock augmentation TunisiaCas 1
Buttock augmentation TunisiaCas 2