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Plastic Cosmetic surgery Tunisia

In recent years, Plastic surgery Tunisia has made considerable progress. Indeed, it is thanks to the progress of the medical field and the development of the infrastructure of specialized clinics that we noted the peak of medical tourism, especially in cosmetic surgery.

In this area, we are able to cover all acts of:

  • Cosmetic surgery: beautify an area, ensuring harmony with the whole body
  • Reconstructive (or restorative) surgery: restore a normal form damaged by trauma or burn
  • Aesthetic medicine: rejuvenate an area using medical products

Each patient receives care adapted to his needs by using innovative techniques, according to the recommendations of learned societies, and in accordance with the rules of medical ethics.

Dr Zinelabidine parle de chirurgie esthetique
Mot de Bienvenue du Dr Zinelabidine

The career of professor in plastic surgery, restorative and cosmetic

I was lucky to have been well advised and to have been trained in the major schools of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery: BOUCICAUT hospital and ROTHSCHILDS in Paris

It is thanks to this teaching that in 1995, I had the honor to have been the one to whom, the faculty of medicine of Sousse, entrusted the great mission to set up and to direct a new hospital ward University of Burns and Plastic Surgery, Restorative Surgery and Plastic Surgery in Tunisia at CHU Sahloul de Sousse.

20 years later, and through this site, I would like to pay tribute to all those who taught me this beautiful job and who have left us: Mr.T Kassab, Hichem Bahri, Serges Baux, Raymond VILAIN, Yves Gerard Ellouze, Philippe Saffar.

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Find reliable information for your cosmetic, plastic surgery Tunisia

The aesthetic surgery in Tunisia has been a great success for a few years, indeed a very large number of women and men are taking steps to perfect their bodies or to rejuvenate, steps quite legitimate and quite possible in most cases.

In this site, we describe the information necessary to know by candidates for plastic surgery in Tunisia. Indeed, the patient needs to be well informed before starting an operation project. An act of embellishment is not urgent, nor is it a vital obligation. However, its place meets the importance of well-being for self-esteem and social life.

All the procedures of aesthetic surgery Tunisia are described: the objectives, the principle, the technique, the indications, the risks and the results. In addition, you will find a photo and video gallery illustrating the results (before and after the intervention). In addition, videos of the various interventions are shown.

All the same, information alone is insufficient, and the opinion of the specialist surgeon is essential for decision-making. Indeed, the first consultation is fundamental to assess the need of the patient, his request, and to determine the feasibility of the act of cosmetic surgery.


There are several types of cosmetic surgery among which:

  • Plastic surgery of the face
  • Plastic surgery of the nose
  • Plastic surgery of the breasts
  • Plastic surgery of burns
  • Plastic surgery of the abdomen
  • Plastic surgery of the silhouette

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Plastic surgery procedures in Tunisia, and aesthetic medicine

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Some testimonies of the patients of Dr. Mourad Zinelabidine, who underwent aesthetic surgery in Tunisia.

“I took advantage of my trip to Tunisia, to come meet Dr mourad and his team, for a cosmetic surgery, I must tell you that I was treated with care ... the conditions are quite the same. Equal to what we find at home ... Dr. Mourad is a magician, I recommend it!”

Témoignage patiente chirurgie esthétique


Quebec, Canada

“I came to Sousse in Tunisia, where I met doctor Zinelabidine, for a breast augmentation, ... and an increase in the buttocks ... The stay went very well ... I found the clinic , the nursing staff, the nurses, very professional ... no regrets coming!”

Témoignage patiente chirurgie esthétique



“I arrived very well in this country very welcoming ... everything happened very quickly and very well, I am satisfied with the result obtained on my chest, it is magnificent. I did a facelift and a breast augmentation, everything went very well ... to do again.”

Témoignage patiente chirurgie esthétique




For several years, Dr. Mourad Zinelabidine is affiliated and is an active member in various learned societies of aesthetic surgery in Tunisia and in the world.

Since May 2018, President of the Tunisian Society of Plastic Surgery

Tunisian society of plastic surgery
International society of aesthetic plastic surgery
Tunisian society of hand surgery
European academy of wound technology

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