Breast Enlargement, Breast Augmentation Tunisia

The breast enlargement is the second intervention of plastic surgery asked after the liposuction, it is possible thanks to the putting in the breast of mammary implants.

Even if the artificial breast is finally a foreign body, it remains even today the technique the most suited for a very esthetic and very natural result.

Breast Augmentation Tunisia

The suspicion in the clinical examination or in the echo mammography of the presence of a breast cancer, against indicates formally a plastic surgery of the breast whatever it is.

The mammary putting of implants does not increase the risks of the appearance of breast cancer.


The breast enlargement is the implementation in the breast of mammary implants to increase the volume.

When it is well indicated and well realized, this intervention gives perfect results and the patients are very satisfied with it.

One echo-mammography is systematically asked before the practice of this intervention, so making sure of the integrity of the breast.


The breast enlargement in Tunisia is possible thanks to prostheses which are either inflatable in the physiological salt solution, that is meadow filled in gel of silicone, the latter being the most used, France authorized their use since 2002.

The gel of silicone has a greasy and moldable consistency allowing an almost normal and natural palpation of the breast after the intervention.

The manufacturing of these prostheses obeys strict rules to assure an infallible water proofness and a biomedical gel.

The wall or the envelope of these prostheses is smooth or textured. Since a few years appeared on the market, the shape of prostheses which marries that of the breast, they are said natural or anatomical so offering a more natural result.

Round breast implants1-Round silicone implants
Anatomic silicone breast implants2-Anatomic silicone implants
breast implants3-Smooth round silicone implants
breast implants4-Textured anatomical silicone implants


A breast enlargement in Tunisia requires a way at first to introduce the implant: 4 possibilities of scar to place the prosthesis :

  • Died areolaire subordinate (lower bow (arc) of the areola)
  • Trans-areolaire (in the areola)
  • Fold under mammaire
  • Axillaire (in the armpit)
Photo augmentation mammaire tunisie

L’emplacement de la prothèse mammaire:

  • Pré musculaire : derrière la glande mammaire, et en avant du muscle pectoral
  • Retro musculaire : en arrière du muscle pectoral

Pour une augmentation mammaire Tunisie, on place la prothèse derrière ou devant le muscle pectoral, en fonction de l’aspect et du volume du sein à opérer.

Le plus important est de ne pas placer la prothèse directement sous la peau, afin de ne pas la deviner du regard et au toucher.

Avant l'augmentation des seins, on réalise l’examen du sein en pré opératoire, sa palpation, la mesure de sa base, son niveau d’implantation, en plus de l’écoute de la patiente. Ainsi, on peut choisir la bonne prothèse pour le sein en question.

Par ailleurs, utiliser également des « sizers » externes, permet de mieux guider la patiente dans son choix.

Aussi, des logiciels sont actuellement en vente permettant le calcul exact du volume de la prothèse en fonction du résultat escompté.

Breast augmentation surgery
Warning ! This video may shock you
do not look at it if you are not a doctor or nurse !
Breast augmentation surgery
Warning ! This video may shock you
do not look at it if you are not a doctor or nurse !

The prosthesis is placed behind or in front of the pectoral muscle, according to the aspect and to the volume of the breast to be operated.

The most important are that the prosthesis is not directly placed under the skin, it will then be guessed by the look and in the touch.

The examination of the breast in operating meadow, its palpation, the measure of its basis, its level of setting-up, the listening of the patient, allow to choose the good prosthesis as the breast in question.

To use also external "sizers", allows to guide better the patient in her choice.

Software are at present on sale allowing the exact calculation of the volume of the prosthesis according to the expected result.



breast-feed, they fill the high part of the breast: the cleavage.


have the form of a half-pear, they are indicated at the rather thin patient's having small hypoplastic breasts.

At these patients an anatomical prosthesis is an excellent choice, a form of the breast obtained after surgery, will almost be the one of the prosthesis because the mammary gland is almost non-existent.

Breast augmentation tunisia with round implantsBreast enlargement by round implants by axillary way
Breast enlargement tunisia with anatomic implantsBreast enlargement by anatomical implants by subordinate areolaire way
Breast augmentation tunisia with anatomic implantsBreast augmentation by anatomical implants
Breast enlargement tunisia with anatomic implantsBreast augmentation by anatomical implants
Breast augmentation tunisia with anatomic implantsBreast augmentation by anatomical implants
Breast enlargement tunisia with anatomic implantsBreast augmentation by anatomical implants


Its average duration is realized under general anesthesia, is of 45 minutes.

A rigorous asepsis is required to avoid the infections, a perfect haemostasis is realized to avoid the bleedings comment operating and bruises.

The implementation of drains of redons aspiratifs at the end of intervention is not the rule, many surgeons do not put it.


Pains and muscle spasms in the space of arms are usually observed during the first 2 days when implants were placed under the pectoral muscle.

The resumption of the walking is made that very day, the pains are handled by analgesic during 3 in 4 days.

A bra of preservation is placed during a duration of 1 month, bandages are redone every 3 days during 10 days, there will be no thread to make remove, all the sutures are made in absorbable thread.

The first shower is allowed in the 12th day, the resumption of the sport is possible at the end of 6 weeks. An ultrasound is to plan every 2 years to check the integrity of prostheses.


  • The bruise: it is the bleeding which persists in operating comment, the diagnosis is obvious in front of a breast which increases in volume and which hurts. The surgical resumption has to be made as a matter of urgency.
  • The infection: operating comment shows itself by the fever and the pulsatiles pains from the 3rd day. The infection on prosthesis requires the ablation of both prostheses.
  • The hull died prothetic: is a distant complication, in touch with a fibrosis around the prosthesis hardening the breast and being able to even deform it. The location of the prosthesis behind the muscle would decrease the constitution of this hull. The surgical ablation of the hull is completely possible, keeping the prosthesis ready.
  • The break: it is about a failure of the wall of the prosthesis, the gel of silicone can be in the contact of the mammary gland giving an inflammation of the breast called: SILICONITE. This siliconite is of surgical treatment, with excision of inflammes tissues and replacement of the prosthesis.
  • The movement and the reversal of prostheses: is a complication in touch with the dissection of a changing room bigger than the size of the prosthesis. The surgical resumption is the rule by placing bigger prostheses, rather rounds, or by reducing the unsticking of the changing room to question.
  • The loss of the sensibility of the nipple: exceptional, this insensitivity is reversible at the end of a few months.


10 - 15 years on average.


It is a fibrous anomaly of the base of setting-up of the breast, this fibrosis characterizes the tuberous breast, it is at the origin of the distension of the areola and the high position of the furrow under mammary.


  • Forms underestimated by RANK 0
  • Knowing that the results can be average with necessity of occasions operatory
  • Attention in the aspect in double sillon
  • Absolutely need to place the furrow under mammary more low than it, this gesture is more difficult because it is about a real fibrous rein.
  • Always to place the prosthesis under the muscle
  • Knowing the glandular plastic surgeries typifies PUCKETT and RIBEIRO for a better result