Thigh lift Tunisia

The Thigh lift in Tunisia, is a surgical operation which aims at correcting the cutaneous excess of the internal face of the thigh.

This situation is frequent after important loss of weight.

Thigh lift Tunisia

Thigh lift is often associated with a liposuction, the latter will reduce the volume of the thigh if it is necessary on one hand and will facilitate the cutaneous resection of the face-lift on the other hand.

Two techniques are proposed according to the importance of the excess and the skin slackening.


A crescentof skin in the internal face of the thigh consists in resecting by placing the scar in the inguinal fold.

Consequences are simple, bandages are made at the rate of twice by weeks during two weeks, the threadsare all absorbable.


It is indicated in the cases of relaxation very important, the excision is extended by the inguinal fold up to the internal face of the knee, so drawing the letter L.

Consequences are more delicate, the scar is long, bandages are made every 3 days, the threads are absorbable.