Gynecomastia Tunisia, male breast reduction

The gynecomastia is an increase of the volume of the breast of man: GYNE and MASTOS means to say feminine breast.

The intervention of male breast reduction is performed in our partner clinic by Dr. Mourad Zinelabidine, in Tunisia

Gynecomastia Tunisia


Gynecomastia can be :

  • Temporary disappearing after the puberty.
  • Idiopathique: without obvious cause (most of the cases)
  • In a relationship with an obesity: Adipogynecomasty ( obesity)
  • Endocrine origin ( Hypogonadisme)
  • Origin tumoral (Testicle, Suprarenal gland, Pituitary gland)
  • Medicinal origin (Oestrogene, Spironolactone)


An endocrine balance assessment is systematically asked :

  • HCG et Bêta HCG
  • 17 Béta-oestradiol
  • Testostérone
  • Delta-4 andorosténedione

An ultrasound and or a mammography is also asked to eliminate a tumoral cause. It allows to know if the gynecomastia is greasy or glandular or mixed.

Gynecomastia is classified in 3 RANKS according to its importance: Simon's classification :

Gynecomastia Tunisia grade 1Grade 1
Gynecomastia Tunisia grade 2aGrade 2A
Gynecomastia Tunisia grade 2bGrade 2B
Gynecomastia Tunisia grade 3Grade 3

The traitement of Gynecomastia in Tunisia

Four surgical techniques are described as the gynecomastia is for glandular or greasy component.

  • Peri areolaire subordinate: for an excision of the mammary gland.
  • Infra mammary external.
  • Alone liposuction.
  • Round Block in the ranks 3.

In most of the cases we proceed to a liposuction followed by the surgical resection of the pit(core).



A bandage bandage will be placed at the end of intervention for a duration of 2 days, analgesic and one inflammatory anti will be prescribed.

A follow-up moved closer as well as controls will be assured during your stay, the last one the day before your departure, the surgeon will give you an operating report and his recommendations for consequences.


The cases of bruises or infections, are exceptional.


It is a function of the working type, the resumption of work is often possible for your return.


The result is almost immediate, a little increased by the oedema, it stabilizes in the third week.