Breast reduction Tunisia

The breast reduction surgery in tunisia is an intervention indicated in the cases of hypertrophy with ptose mammary.

The patients often complain of " big breasts which fall ".

breast reduction Tunisia

The breast is established from a woman to the other one and according to the episodes of the genital life of three components: the fat, the glandular tissue and the connective tissue (photo 1, 2 and 3).

The weight gain during the puberty is an obvious risk factor of the mammary hypertrophy at the girl.

The mammary hypertrophy, by its greasy component, is of course, frequent for the obese woman's.


  • Moderate when the volume of the breast is estimated between 400-600 cm3.
  • Rather important: 600-800cm3.
  • Important: 800-1000 cm3.
  • Very important beyond 1000 cm3.
  • Gigantomastie: volume of the breast estimated at more than 1500 cm3.

The ptôse of the breast, when it is an almost inevitable physiological phenomenon. We describe besides two types of ptôse :
Glandular Ptose : by involution of the gland (photo 4)
Cutaneous Ptose : by ageing of the skin

Breast reduction tunisia

Preoperative consultation for breast reduction plasty

During the first meeting, the plastic surgeon Dr Mourad Zinelabdine will carry out a complete examination of the breasts, (their size, the possible asymmetries areolar, the quality of the skin, ...). And, he will evaluate that will be the appropriate size of the chest depending on the physiognomy of the patient.

Thus, for this analysis, he can propose a solution adapted to the patient's needs and determine the best technique to use to reduce the volume of the chest.

Breast reduction surgery

The breast surgery procedure in Tunisia

The breast reduction surgery in Tunisia is performed by performing incisions in the breasts accompanied by surgical removal of excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. In addition, in some cases, excess fat is removed by liposuction with the excision techniques described below.

Breast reduction surgery

The technique to adopt for breast reduction differs from one patient to another. Indeed, it depends on the composition of the breast, the size of the chest that she wants to have, the personal preferences and the advice of the surgeon.

  • Anesthesia: Medications are administered for the comfort of the patient during breast reduction surgery. Options include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.
  • Incision: Incision options include:
    • First, a circular incision around the areola. In this case, the incision lines will be visible and permanent scars. They are usually hidden under the bra.
    • In addition, an inverted T-shaped incision can also be performed
  • Enlèvement des tissus et repositionnement : Après l'incision, le mamelon est repositionné et l'aréole est réduite par l'excision de la peau sur le périmètre. En plus, le tissu mammaire sous-jacent est réduit, élevé et redrapé.
  • Fermeture des incisions : Les incisions se réunissent pour remodeler la poitrine. Les traces d'incision sont permanentes. Mais, dans la plupart des cas, elles se fanent et s'améliorent considérablement au fil du temps.
  • Les résultats : Ils sont immédiatement visibles. Au fil du temps, l'inflammation postopératoire se résoudra et les lignes d'incision disparaîtront.

Finally, satisfaction with the new appearance should continue to grow during the months following the breast size reduction operation.


After the breast reduction surgery in Tunisia, the results continue to improve. Thus, the new breast size relieves the patient of pain and helps to overcome the physical limitations that occurred prior to the reduction surgery.


Any surgery carries risks of complications. For breast reduction, the complications to know are:

  • pain
  • hematoma, bleeding
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • infection
  • fat necrosis
  • disunity and healing disorders
  • hypertrophic scars
  • impaired milk secretion (breastfeeding)
  • asymmetry
  • nipple sensitivity disorders

Example of breast reduction by "vertical" technique

Breast reduction TunisiaBreast reduction, « vertical » technique
Breast reduction TunisiaBreast reduction, « vertical » technique
Breast reduction TunisiaBreast reduction, « vertical » technique
Breast reduction TunisiaBreast reduction, « vertical » technique